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We specialize in bringing the FUN and making we want you to be in the know as much as possible to further enhance your Lake Lure experience with us! Our suggestion, look before you book! We are sharing some of our most frequently asked questions below!

Frequently asked questions

Is Fuel included?

Yes, we generously provide fule

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes! All sizes and the orange p.f.d.’s for safety (and fashion, lol!) are on the boat at all times as well.

Is fishing allowed off of the boats?

You may! Lake Bass is one of our family faves, so please share if you are so inclined.

1. License required, but we do not provide this. Please look online for licenses at

2. Bait and equipment can be purchased at McGuinn’s Exxon on NC Hwy.9

3. Live Bait and licenses also sold at Washburn Marina

4. Live bait Greenhill Store on Memorial Hwy.

What is your cancellation Policy?

To change or cancel your reservation at no cost please contact us by phone 828-625-8066

24 hrs. prior to your reservation start time. Upon reservation a valid credit card will be required to hold the time. If you cancel the reservation after the 24 hr period we charge the card for 50% of the time reserved.

What happens if there’s bad weather?

  • We suggest board games, ice cream parties, and a good book! Seriously though, if it is inclement weather, such as heavy rain, hail, extreme wind, lightening and thunder, during the time of your rental

  • CALL 828-625-8066 to confirm that we are experiencing the same weather on the Lake.

  • If the employee at the Lake Lure Adventure Co. confirms that we are experiencing inclement weather as described above, contact is made by phone, and you do not use the boat there will be no charge for the time you booked.

  • We will attempt to reschedule you for an open time slot that may be more promising weather-wise if time allows. Suns out Funs out, but these activities in light rain and overcast conditions can be a blast too, sometimes even better in the case of bass fishing or not getting FOMO, haha.

**We rely on radar depiction in real-time for inclement weather. We are surprisingly accurate and make sure you have every opportunity to use the time you have booked.

**We are unable to honor cancellations due to future weather projections via apps or weather prediction services. If you are cancelling after the 24hrs prior to your reservation start time you will be charged for 50% of the time you have reserved.

**If your rental is interrupted by inclement weather (booo!) while you are using the boat you will only be charged from the original start time of your reservation to the time you come in due to the inclement weather.

Do you have coolers?

Yes! Only the best for the best! Customers that is….We keep several Yeti coolers on the dock for you to borrow and a few other random little coolers our people have left us over the years. These are first come first serve, but we usually have you covered. If you let us know you need one we will empt7 our beers and sodas out of it and put it on the boat for ya prior to your arrival. Ice is sold at our location as well as a few soft beverage choices.

How old do you have to be to drive the boat and what is required?

21 yrs of age, the first born in a long line of decorated captains, have a purse of gold bullion, and know the elevation chart of the lake bed by heart. JK, just 21, have a valid driver’s license and credit card. We prefer if our customers have previous experience driving boats and the more experience the better, however, a boaters license is not required

Do you have a public ramp?

No, we are not a public facility. As much as we love you please don’t bring your personal equipment with you, specifically kayaks and stand up paddle boards.

**The Town of Lake Lure Police Department enforces permitting by ticketing. The only place you can launch a boat is at the Washburn Marina where they also sell permits. Access is limited, yes, but most of the best places on earth are, so enjoy!

Can we bring alcohol?

Beer and Wine are fine, spirituous liquor is a no go.

Can we tow a tube behind the pontoon boat?

This is not allowed because we are trying to ruin all your fun. Not really, hee hee. We bring the FUN and we specialize in making memories. The pontoon boats are great for cruising swimming and fishing.

**Lake Lure has an enforced policy for everyone’s safety and the conservation of our beautiful resource that commercially rented boats NOT tow.

We feel great about offering tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing to our customers on our Mastercraft boats that are fully equipped and come with a driver/instructor. Call to reserve your day of awesomeness.

Do I have to wear a vest?

If you are not a great swimmer or under the age of 13, you are required to wear a vest while the boat is under way. Look on the bright side, Lake Lure Adventure Co. has some primo neoprene vests for your comfort provided by O’brien and Connelly.

Are you dog friendly?

We are dog friendly to friendly dogs. They are allowed to accompany you on the pontoon boats, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards.

**Be aware that there are always other canines at the Adventure Company. Social or indifferent pups only please.

**We would like very much if you are conscientious of shedding dogs making a bit more clean up for our excellent crew members. You will have the opportunity to tip them upon checking your boat back in for these services that go above what is normally required with cleaning up a boat after a rental. The gratuity our customers who bring dogs leave for the crew has made it possible for us to not charge a pet fee so please honor that and keep it going. One last thing, sharp dog nails puncture and scratch the beautiful and well kept vinyl on our brand new boats. A snip snip here and a clip clip there can go a long way when preparing to bring your lovely companion out for a ride.

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